• Sprinkle these crackling bath salts to summon magic treats during bath time!
  • Crack, pop, fizzz… Once sprinkled, the crackling bath salts turn the water pink with amazing aquatic firework effects. Swirl to make the effect last longer.  

  • Rest assured, they behave responsibly: no stain on skin on tub.  

  • Moisturising crackling bath salts 

  • Pink water just sounds like heaven on earth (actually it’s a tub but water-ever) for little princesses!

  • Enriched with vitamin E, sweet almond oil and sunflower to leave kids gently hydrated.

  • Chamomile extracts ensures a relaxing time for kids, right before going to bed. Convenient, huh?

  • Preservative-free. Vegan and cruelty free.

  • Yummy berry burst scent.