• Pink foaming bath salts! All you need is a pinch of salt and the water turns into a blue frothy cloudy wonder: so much fun for kids!
  • Sprinkle them while running the bath and the water turns into a foaming pink adventure!

  • Our advice: shake the water for added foam and fun. 

  • Preservative-free. Dermatologically tested. 

  • A super hydrating formula

  • We thrive to use mainly natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin: 
    citric acid, a natural effort-descent agent that regulate the formula’s pH. Camomille extracts providing hydration and soothing. Sunflower oil providing skin smoothness and regeneration. Sweet almond oil and vegetable oil providing hydration and smoothness. Vitamine E, a natural antioxydant and also a great preservative agen. Sodium Coco-Sulfate, a DIY cosmetics must have that comes from coconut and provides gentle cleaning. And last but not least, our favourite, Solanum TuberosumStarch (aka potato starch): it gives a formidabubbly unctuous texture to the bath. 

  • Vegan, cruelty free

  • No nasties, no worries: our bath salts don’t colour bathtub or skin, only water :)

  • Packaging can be recycled

  • Reminder: to be used for Kids aged 3 and over, under adult surveillance.